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Live Chat for Accountants

Convert visitors into leads.

Your accountancy website exists to offer information and ultimately to bring in more clients - to convert visitors into leads.

While some visitors that come to your site may be immediately impressed by your professionalism and call or email you, there are many that will want more right away.

They want to ask questions. They want answers...

And like many people these days, they are used to doing everything online – they're not going to pick up the phone.

The solution is Live Chat on your accountancy website.

Just imagine that a potential client is looking for a new accountant. They have a question they want answered immediately. They come to your site and see the Live Chat box – and within minutes, they’re chatting with us, all without picking up a phone or meeting in an office.

That is an excellent way to convert a visitor into a qualified lead.

What Kinds of Questions Do People Ask?

People want to know all kinds of things when they visit your site – questions like:

"What are your rates?"
"What are your specialities?"
"How much experience do you have?"
"How long would it take you to complete my return?"
"Do you have time to take me on as a business client?"

They also might have specific questions about their financial situation that while we can not give this advice we can assure them that someone will contact them with a view to making an appointment to come in. It can be a bit time-consuming to answer these questions and that is why we at Chat Converters will do this for you.

Accountant Client Testimonials

  • Arron "We started with a free trial which proved to be very successfully after just a week. Thanks!"
  • K Barnes "Have been using Chat Converters for 3 months now and were now in a position where we couldn't afford NOT to have it. Just brilliant"
  • Des Works for us!! Just about to set it up on our new website too!!