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Live Chat for Charities

Charities compete for people’s money in an increasingly challenging economy.

Chat Converters help by interacting with potential supporters when they visit your website.

They can be informed of some of the benefits by donating to your charity, offered information about the impact of their donation and qualified leads will be passed over for you to follow up.

Chat Converters enable you to have our chat operators waiting to greet visitors to your website and convert those visitors into supporters.

Most people use the internet to research where to invest their charity support. Many of these people are not comfortable picking up the phone and research suggests 87 percent will leave your website if their questions are not answered immediately.

We will speak with your prospective supporters in real time to capture their attention and ensure their questions are answered, in turn generating valuable and highly qualified leads.

Charities can rely on Chat Converters to:
  • Build rapport and trust with visitors
  • Carefully engage with website visitors to give immediate answers to questions
  • Capture contact details, goals and other crucial information
  • Co-browsing to show website visitors relevant page information on your website
  • Build rapport with real prospects early in the supporter acquisition process
  • Be available to chat with visitors in real time
Let us demonstrate how Live Chat for charities can help you.

Charity Client Testimonials

  • Deborah "Not something we had ever considered but having looked at the benefits we decided to give it a try. Very pleased so far."
  • Ms Jackson "We already had Live Chat on our website however had never the time to manage it. Chat Converters gave us a cost effective way to manage our websites Live Chat so we don't have to."
  • Brendan "Great idea. forward thinking which is what our charity is all about!!"