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Live Chat for Law Firms

What makes Live Chat effective

Law firm websites that feature Live Chat functionality engage more visitors and benefit from increased lead generation. But what, exactly, makes Live Chat effective for solicitors?

The key ingredient for the success of any Live Chat solution is having informed operators who know precisely what to ask your prospective clients. For instance, for personal injury, the questions on an operator's script might read:

"Are you looking to make a claim or defend against a claim for injury made by someone else?"
"When and where did the claimed injury occur?"
"Can you describe the nature of the injury?"
"Where there any witnesses?"
The answers to these specific questions can enable our solicitor clients to make a decision on whether or not to pursue the lead.

When working with Chat Converters you are able to create a customised list of questions, specific to your areas of practice. A customised script can serve as a kind of filtration system, weeding out the potential good leads from bad ones.

If a personal injury law firm, for example, is exclusively targeting larger cases (e.g., a client with a broken neck), it could create a customised script that requires our operators to ask the following supplementary questions:

"Have you been hospitalised?"
"What did the doctor recommend?"

In addition to asking the right questions, it is also imperative for our operators to refrain from imparting any legal advice and to deflect all legal questions. Inevitably, these types of questions arise, and the Live Chat Operator would then explain that while no legal advice can be given the question would be passed on.

Give your law firm a competitive edge, give your website Life.

Law Firm Client Testimonials

  • J. Turner "More marketing, more advertising however for me this was a no brainer and the quality of leads are exceptional with Chat Converters. Many Thanks"
  • D. Rosenblatt "Generates a great deal of revenue that would possibly never materialise if we never offered Live Chat to website visitors. Great service to date and I’m sure for the years to come"
  • D. Murphy I would highly recommend Chat Converters for outsourcing your website Live Chat. Generates qualified leads and offers the best ROI within our marketing budget